Strona: History / The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics


FACULTY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING AND AERONAUTICS which until 1988 was named Faculty of Mechanics, is the organizational unit of the University, from which operations, the superior technical studies in Rzeszow commenced. Since the beginning of self-reliant functioning of the University, Faculty of Mechanics conducted daily studies as well as evening studies and external studies later on. In 1974 Rzeszow University of Engineering was transformed into I. Lukasiewicz Rzeszow University of Technology. Since the beginning of Rzeszow University of Technology, the faculty conducted the daily and external master’s degree studies. Currently, the classes at the university are being conducted at the first, second and third degree studies, as well as at the postgraduate studies. Education at first and second degree studies is being realized at the following fields of studies:

  • Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering
  • Aeronautics and Space Technology
  • Management and Production Engineering
  • Mechatronics
  • Transport
  • Material Engineering

Currently, the amount of students at Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics is approximately 3000 at daily studies and 1000 at extramural studies. During the entire functioning period of the Faculty, over 15000 students have received the graduation diplomas. The condition of human resources employee of Faculty decides on the possibilities of education, as well as on the level of scientific and implementation works. The number of hired academic teachers and auxiliary workers is constantly increasing along with the general development of the University. Currently, the faculty hires 201 academic teachers, 47 engineering and technical workers, and 22 administrative workers. Among the academic teachers, at the faculty work: 16 professors, 35 people with a DSc degree at associate professors job position, 78 adjuncts, 57 assistants and 5 lecturers. The employees of the faculty, systematically increase their scientific output, fulfilling research works as a part of scientific researches and statutory activity, as well as carrying out works deputed by State Committee for Scientific Research, National Centre for Research and Development, National Science Centre and industrial plants. Systematic development of the faculty characterizing by increase of number of degrees and academic titles and laboratory base, made that in 1977  Faculty of Mechanics received the right to confer the PhD scientific degree  the field of Machine Building and Operation. Another Doctor’s qualifications (in the field of Mechanics) the faculty received in 2002. In 2016 rights to confer the PhD degree in the fields of: Production Engineering and Material Engineering were obtained. Until newness, the council of  Faculty of Mechanics and the council of  Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics awarded  250 people a PhD degree. Among those 250 were the people who work at Rzeszow University of Technology as well as the people from the other Universities, scientific institutions and workers of the industrial plants. In 2000, faculty received the right to confer a DSc degree in the field of Machine Building and Operation and in 2009 right to confer the DSc degree of in the field of Mechanics was obtained. Until newness the Council of Faculty awarded a DSc degree to 32 people. as well as 9 proceedings for confer the professor title and 7 proceedings for the confer the honor of honoris causa were carried out. Scientific activity of faculty takes into consideration the organization of many conferences and scientific symposiums. On that field, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics during the entire period of its activity received many important achievements. Faculty has been cooperating with many foreign universities for many years. Including:

  • Technical University of Kosice (Slovakia)
  • Lvov University of Technology (Ukraine)
  • Technical University of Munich (Germany)
  • Technical University of Aachen (Germany)
  • Chemnitz University of Technology (Germany) 
  • College of Nyiregyhaza (Hungary)
  • Uniwersytet Transportu Ukrainy (Ukraine)
  • Huazhong University of Science & Technology (China)
  • Zurich University of Applied Sciences (Switzerland)
  • Politecnico di Torino (Italy)
  • University of Stavanger (Norway)
  • Wyższa Szkoła Techniczna w Bielefeld (Germany) Universität Bielefeld
  • Polytechnic Institute of Coimbra (Portugal)
  • Universidade da Beira Interior (Portugal)
  • University of Minho (Portugal)
  • Technological Educational Institute of Epirus (Greece)
  • Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden)
  • Università di Napoli Federico II (Italy)
  • University of Oulu (Finland)
  • University of Harran (Turkey)
  • University of Leuven (Belgium)
  • Universitatea Transilvania din Brasov (Romania)
  • University of Skövde (Sweden)

The cooperation with universities mentioned before consists of an exchange of employees for a short-term training period, exchange of students’ holiday internship, common realization of scientific and researching topics and organization of conferences and scientific symposiums.

Faculty widely cooperates with industry, including:

  • Pratt & Whitney Rzeszów,
  • PZL Mielec,
  • Safran Transmission Systems Poland,
  • Huta Stalowa Wola
  • Nowy Styl Group,
  • Ultratech,
  • MTU Aeroegines Polska,
  • ZELMER Rzeszów,
  • Borg Warner Poland,
  • Heli One Poland,
  • Borimex,
  • Kirchhoff Automotive.

Currently, Faculty is dived into 15 organizational units: Department of Avionics and Systems Control, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Materials Science, Department of Applied Mechanics and Robotics, Department of Casting and Welding, Department of Materials Forming and Processing, Department of Aircraft and Aircraft Engines, Department of Combustion Engines and Transport, Department of manufacturing Processes and Production Engineering, Department of Manufacturing Techniques and Automation, Department of Thermodynamics, Department of Aerodynamics and Fluid Mechanics, Department of Informatics, Research and Development Laboratory for Aerospace Materials and Research Laboratory for Gears. In the area of scientific investigations and didactics the faculty is cooperating with  z Aviation Training Centre  and Gliding Training Centre.

 Since the beginning, faculty has been leading by particular people:

Bogdan Marzęcki, MSc (1951–1953)
Bogumił Musiał MSc (1954–1955)
Associate Prof. Roman Niedzielski (1955–1963)
Prof. Jan Woźniacki (1964–1966)
Prof.  Jan Madejski (1966–1969)
Prof. Kazimierz E. Oczoś (1969–1972)
Associate Prof.  Adam Batsch (1972–1981)
Prof.  Andrzej Bylica (1981–1982)
Prof.  Jan Gruszecki (1982–1984)
Prof.  Bogumił Bieniasz (1984–1987)
Prof. Stanisław Koncewicz (1987–1990)
Associate Prof.  Janusz Rybak, (1990–1993)
Prof. Tadeusz Markowski (1993–1999)
Prof. Feliks Stachowicz (1999–2002)
Prof. Marek Orkisz (2002–2005)
Prof.  Feliks Stachowicz (2005–2008)
Associate Prof.  Krzysztof Kubiak,  (2008–2012)
Prof. Jarosław Sęp (2012-2019)
Associate Prof.  Aleksander Mazurkow, (2019-2020)
Associate Prof.  Adam Marciniec, (since 2020)

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