Strona: Departments / The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics


  • Dept of Avionics and Control Systems
    Tomasz Rogalski, DSc Associate Professor

  • Dept of Mechanical Engineering
    Prof. Grzegorz Budzik, DSc
  • Dept of Materials Science
    Drajewicz Marcin, DSc Associate Professor
  • Dept of Applied Mechanics and Robotics
    Andrzej Butghardt, DSc, Associate Professor
  • Dept of Casting and Welding
    Marek Mróz,, DSc, Associate Professor
  • Dept of Materials Forming and Processing
    Prof. Romana Śliwa, DSc
  • Dept of Aerospace Engineering
    Prof. Marek Orkisz, DSc
  • Dept of Manufacturing Techniques and Automation
    Prof. Jan Burek, DSc
  • Dept of Manufacturing Processes and Production Engineering
    Prof. Jarosław Sęp, DSc

  • Dept of Computer Science
    Paweł Litwin, DSc,
  • Dept of  Fluid Mechanics and Aerodynamics
    Prof. Anna Kucaba-Piętal, DSc,

  • Dept of Thermodynamics
    Joanna Wilk, DSc, Associate Professor

  • Dept of Combustion Engines and Transport
    Paweł Woś, DSc

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